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At Quinchat Rods we build Machines for Makers. . . Machines for makers of Bamboo Fly Rods.

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Here are our products:

The Bertram Multi-Track Beveller, introduced in 2008, makes short work of strip preparation.

Bevelling strips for a 3 piece, 2 tip rod can be completed in less than an hour.

Your choice of fixtures for hex, quad or penta profiles.

Over 160 bevellers are in use.

Attachments are avaiable for hollowing and for mortising reel seat blanks.

We introduced the 2-String Binder in 2009 and it is also available in a 4-string version. Over 100 have been sold.

The design is unique in that no glue can get on the mechanism as the strings are applied outside the left window. Applying the counter wound strings outside the machine and on top of each other virtually prevents binder induced twists.

The Bertram Wrap Finishing Station, first offered in 2011, holds 4 rod sections. Each station can be sequentially indexed into a coating station while the other 3 stations are rotated for curing the epoxy or varnish. It is easily disassembled for compact storage.

The Bench-Top CNC Cane Mill was introduced in2012 and there are now 6 units in operation. As the name implies it is portable. and weighs only 65 lbs. A light weight aluminum carriage moves the strip thru the mill and is easily removed for storage.

A cork milling accessory can finish reel seats and cork grips up to 26 inches long.

This mill has been replaced by a much lower cost and user friendly Digital Cane Mill.

The Laser Guided Rod Wrapper performs all the functions of a rod lathe except for power wrapping. However it has many added features such as electronic wrap counting, precision duplication of guide location, unlimited unwrap and rewrap capabilities, magnetic thread tension control and climb angle indication.

The machine now has touch screen control and can be easily programmed to advance each wrap by one thread diameter to maintain a constant climb angle.