Bertram Bench-Top CNC Cane Mill



The Bench-Top CNC Cane Mill was introduced in2012 and there are now 5 units in operation.  As the name implies it is portable.  The machine weighs only 65# with a footprint of 26 X 12 inches.  A light weight aluminum carriage moves the strip thru the mill and is easily removed for storage.

In 2014 we added an optional Cork Milling Accessory which can finish reel seats and cork grips up to 26 inches long.

The design provides rigidity with steel and aluminum where required to obtain +/- .001 tolerance strips.  Other elements of the structure are oak and plastic to reduce weight and cost

Documentation includes a 59 page manual, quick reference flow chart for training and an Excel program for custom designing hollowing patterns.

Hobbyist makers wishing to explore a variety of taper concepts including extreme hollowing techniques will find this machine appropriate since they can very quickly produce a blank for evaluation with no hand work.  Bamboo ferrules are easily produced.  Strips from the mill are ready for glue-up.   Cutters are available for quads and pentas in addition to hex.  The carriage has enough travel to mill a finished strip up to 68” long.

Full time makers can increase their output while actually improving the dimensional consistency of their product.  The time saved can be dedicated to the cosmetic aspects of the finished product.

The prospective buyer should have a basic level of comfort with computers and an appreciation of the importance of good strip preparation.

Interested parties are encouraged to visit my shop and spend a day running the machine, evaluating strip quality, and getting a basic understanding of set up and troubleshooting.  This is not a plug and play machine.  The informed operator is an integral part of the process and needs to develop his own disciplined procedures for success.

Quinchat Rods can help with troubleshooting or provide additional training via an internet connection and a remote access program.

Shipment can be made via UPS.  Optionally you can elect to get setup assistance and a day of training in your shop.  If within driving distance, I can deliver the machine in combination with the training.

There is a post on the Classic Fly Rod Forum showing the mill used to make a 13 ft spey rod.  Check it out at  The same article is also in the April, 2013 issue of Power Fibers.

 Check out our video at

Also the new cork mill video at

Call or email for more information.


Dennis Bertram

Quinchat Rods LLC

2033 S Mistywood Ct

Defiance, OH 43512

419 438 1886

[email protected] Machines for Makers



Price list




















Est for






















shipping &


























Bertram Bench-Top CNC Cane Mill


































CNC Mill












Computer. Monitor, mouse










2 spare strip carriers











Operator manual (on line)










Customized Mach3 software with license









Hex cutter with inserts for hex










Mag base dial indicator for set up









Trouble shooting assistance via phone and internet




















one day training*


































Optional Items:
























3 replacement strip carriers










Quad cutter with inserts & quad hold down rollers








Penta cutter with inserts & penta hold down rollers








New computer option - call for quote












Cork Milling Accessory
























*  Customers can take delivery & receive training at Defiance, OH.  6.5% sales tax will apply for non-exempt buyers.


As an alternate, customers can take training at their location and pay travel expenses of the trainer.



If within driving distance, shipping costs can be saved.



















Interested parties are encouraged to visit Defiance and see the mill in operation






































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