Accommodations to International Customers


The Two-String or Four String Binder is available in kit form that contains all the essential machined parts.   We completely test the mechanism and then disassemble for shipping.  The international customer can then build his own enclosure and locally purchase the other relatively inexpensive parts such as the small motor & electrical items that are compatible with his electric service.

This kit option reduces the shipping weight from 29 lbs to 14 lbs and allows shipping in a standard USPS Priority Mail package, a considerable savings for most international locations.

All binders are now supplied with dc motors and a power supply that operates on 100 to 240 volts, 50 or 60 Hz which means that a transformer is no longer required for most international customers.  Shipping costs for this option is about $80.

 Typical shipping costs to most European destinations for a fully assembled binder is less than $150.


The Multi-Track Beveller can be supplied without the router and electrical.  If the customer can provide a template for his locally purchased router mounting holes, we can custom drill the mounting plate at no additional cost. 

There is no appreciable reduction in shipping cost with this option as the package size does not change.

The Multi-Track Beveller can also be shipped disassembled in a single compact package.  The wooden frame is disassembled and the long tapering fixture has 2 scarf joints that need to be glued together. As with the above option, the customer supplies the router and electrical and we pre drill the mounting plate.  The machine will be fully tested in our shop prior to readying for shipment. Typical costs for shipping to EU destinations are about $150,  Austraila, South Africa and Argentina are $170 to $220. 

 International orders are accepted via PayPal.  The customer is responsible for any taxes or duties imposed at the destination.