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The manual for the Programmable Cane Mill is not posted on the Operator Manuals page.


Black Friday Sale -

The shipping cost for beveller and binder orders placed prior to Dec 31, 2018 is being reduced to a fixed rate of $50. For Programmable Cane Mills the shipping rate will be $100. These fixed rates apply to all shipments to continental 

United States and Canadian addresses regardless of actual shipping date.


We will be attending SRG and will have a beveller and binder available.  Please contace me if you want to reserve one of these machines and save the cost of shipping.  


Near final Taper Bars

For those making a number of rods with the same taper and doing so on a planing form or a MHM we now offer a custom taper bar that will get you to within .010 of your final butt dimensions and within .020 for tips. This will dramatically reduce the number of planing strokes and save energy – your energy! This should be especially beneficial to those making swelled butts.

These custom bars will work on any of the 150 Bertram Bevellers currently in use.

Simply send us your final taper and we will make a taper bar to your dimensions. Make sure to include dimensions of the extra cane on each end of the strip. Stations can be on 5 inch centers or any other station convention that you may be using.

We do all this work on an in-house CNC and your taper will be held confidential.

For a 2pc hex, two grooves will be cut on one bar – one for tips and one for butts. $100

For a 3 pc hex, two bars are required. $150

For a 2pc quad or penta, two bars are required. $175

For a 3pc quad or penta, 3 bars are required. $225

A $35 domestic shipping charge will apply to all of the above.

For 4pc rods, spey rods, bamboo ferrules and international orders, request a quote.

Dennis Bertram

Quinchat Rods LLC

2033 S Mistywood Ct

Defiance, OH 43512


419 438 1886

[email protected]


visit us on Facebook


New offering:  6 position carbide inserted cutters are now available for hex, penta & quad profiles.  Here is the link to the mill cutter page.


The Multi-Track Operating manual  has been revised.  Appendix A has been added to aid those having trouble getting good 60 deg angles.  Here is a link to the manual page and version 6.1.


We will be attending the Carolina Cnae Gathering on Apr 19-20.  We can deliver machines or accessories to the gathering free of charge. . .however get your order in early.


The first 2 production models of the Programmable Cane Mills are complete and the 3rd is in process.  The next available slot is for May, 2018 delivery.  Merry Christmas everyone.


We are starting a production run of 3 Programmable Cane Mills. Two are sold and we are looking a commitment for the third mill. The price is $4900 + shipping. A $2500 deposit is required with the balance due at shipment. Shipment is planned for Nov 2017.


Jerry Drake and I presented a program on understanding hollowing at the recent GrayRock gathering. You can view it on google drive:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0TL5ybtpAaIRTRhUy1ucWdCMDA/view?usp=sharing


We will be having a price increase on July 1, 2017 for binders, wrap finishing stations and the laser guided rod wrapper.  Orders place prior to July 1 will be at the current price.


We are introducing a new inovation, The Programmable Cane Mill, a machine that has nearly all the features of a CNC without the complexity and cost.  Check out the details on the PCM page.  We are currently building 2 of these machines which have been sold to Beta users.  After an experience period, we expect to be selling production versions to rod making community in the spring of 2017.  The price will be undr $5000.

We also have a YouTube video demonstrating strip cutting and hollowing.


The craftsman model 2768 router which has been installed on the past 70 or so MultiTrack Bevellers has been discontinued and is no longer available. From now on we will be using the Hitachi 2.25 hp variable speed router. It appears to be comparable and may even be an upgrade in quality. We are holding the price even though it is more expensive.

Should anyone have a Craftsman 2768 router fail, you will be able to replace it with a Bosch 1617 router motor. It will fit in the Craftsman base without modification. A reconditioned Bosch 1617 router is available from CPO for a reasonable price. I have used them in my personal machines without problems


We will be attending the Carolina Rodmakers Gathering the last week of April.  Anyone wanting to purchase one of our machines can take delivery at the gathering and save $100 to $150 in shipping cost.  Also we will be donating 10% of sales to the Gathering organization.  Please order early to assure delivery at the gathering.

Click on  gathering information for more info.


FREE SHIPPING -  Shipping will be free for Bevellers, Binders, CNC's, Finishing stations and Laser guided rod wrappers thru Feb 2016. This includes shipments to US locations as well as to Europe and Canada.


Lee Gomolchak has a neat device for making snake guides.  Check it out at  http://www.grayhacklerods.net  

I saw it demonstrated at both SRG and the Colorado gathering and have started making my own guides.


Effective Jan 1, 2016 we will have a price increase on bevellers, binders and a few other items. Orders placed before Jan 1 will be at the current price even though shipped in 2016.


We are now on FaceBook.  Check us out. 


We will be attending the Roscoe gathering in Sept and the SRG in October..You can save over $100 in shipping by taking delivery at a gathering.  Place your order early.


Although we prefer personal checks, we do now accept credit cards for those preferring this payment method.  Simply call and give use the card number.  Please do not provide a card number in an email.


Dave Triezenberg   has a new device for rolling the female ferrule to reduce the inside diameter.  A neat tool.  Check out his web site, www.northbranchreels.com.  it's the last photo in the article about reel seat feet.


We will be attending both the GrayRock Gathering in June and the Colorado Rodmakers Reunion in July.  Individuals wishing to purchase a machine or an accessory can take delivery at the gathering and save the shipping cost.  Please place your orders early.


See the "Laser Guided Rod Wrapper" page for our latest offering.  It brings a new level of control and repeatability to the rod wrapping process.  This YouTube video demos the capabilities:  https://youtu.be/OSgI6MjIjQg.  More details on the "Manuals" page.


The Enamel Contour Milling Cutter is now available as an accessory to the Multi-Track Beveller.  It makes short work of removing the enamel while maintaining the natural surface contour.


We are now offering 3 position cutters for CNC machines or for your own design double-sided beveller.

See the "Mill Cutter" page under CNC.


Effective with binders shipped after 2/1/15, the thread tensioning design has been improved. Tension control is now accomplished with a cork disc drag mechanism on the spool axis. The sewing machine type tensioners have been eliminated in this new design. See "Improved Thread Tensioner" page for details.


Check out the latest edition of the Italian Rodmakers Journal for an article about the Multi-Track Beveller.   www.rodmakers.eu