Multi-Track Features

This initial beveller handles all phases of strip preparation.  It is powered by a 2  hp router with speed variable from 8 to 25,000 rpm.  The strip dimension is controlled by vertical adjustment of the router above a stationary  bed.    A dial indicator provides a direct read-out of the strip dimension.


The Multi-Track performs the same operations as bevellers costing over $2000 and it is portable.


There are 4 quick-change fixtures.  The hold-downs are common to all fixtures.


Fixture #1 flattens the strip and relieves the pith area for later node displacing


Fixture #1a is for trimming the strip edge to remove kinks


Fixture #2


Outside track-          Cuts the initial 60º angle on the square strip

Inside track-             Cuts the 60º angle on the opposite edge


Fixture #3 – This fixture cuts a .0015”/inch taper on the strips and

minimizes the work needed on the planing form.


Outside track           Cuts the taper for butts and mids

Inside track              Cuts the taper for tips


The ¾ inch carbide cutter has 3 flutes that allows cutting at lower speed 

and with reduced noise.


2 ¼ inch vacuum hose connection ported from rear.


Fixtures #1, 1a & 2 are made of Polyethylene for wear resistance and low friction.


Fixture #3 is precision machined from hard maple.


Custom machined tapering fixtures are available 

 to accommodate swelled butts and bamboo ferrules.


Hold-down rollers are acetal (Delrin) with bronze bearings.


Additional fixtures available for 4 & 5 sided construction.


Optional accessories available for fluting & scalloping to produce hollow rods.  

Also a contour milling cutter to remove the enamel.