Strip Preparation Tutorial for New Rodmakers


The single most important skill to learn for a new rodmaker is strip preparation.  The Multi-Track Beveller certainly makes the learning curve much easier.  However for someone just starting out, some hands-on instruction is very helpful.  If you don’t have someone local to act as a mentor, you should consider our tutorial program.


Rather than having your new beveller shipped to your home, sign up for a 2 day session with Peter Jones at his place on the beautiful upper Manistee River in Northern Michigan.  You will get one-on-one instruction on splitting, node preparation, staggering, rough beveling, heat treating and preliminary tapering.  You can also tryout hollowing with the scalloping attachment and reel seat mortising with the mortising kit. 


You save about $100 in shipping by transporting the beveller yourself. Peter also has a stock of culms for purchase which can be cut to a convenient length.  Included in the package is enough bamboo for 2 rods, all preliminary tapered by you, ready for final planing on your form back home.


The cost for this program is $400 which includes 2 nights accommodation at Peter’s.  You might even want to extend it an extra night to get in some fishing.  Email or call Peter to order your beveller and make arrangements.


[email protected] or 989 297 0131